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You dream it,
we build it...




Iconic as they are and will remain, it’s the adventurous lives of these Land Rovers that provided them with a soul. Their body transformed to future standards. Their lifetime story will join you in their next adventure.


We stock and source a range of defender donor vehicles ready to start their new journey




The design phase for a custom Land Rover involves a series of steps and considerations to create a vehicle tailored to specific preferences and requirements. This phase typically encompasses several aspects, from conceptualisation to finalising the design before moving on to production.

Sit down with our dedicated design team and bring your dream to life. 



Our Donors

Join our dedicated upholstery team and immerse yourself In the smells and textures of the variety of leathers on offer.


Find that perfect shade to compliment the exterior paint colour.


We also offer a range of seat bases and configurations to make sure we best suit your needs.

Strip Down



Your Land Rover is dismantled then the original steel frame is put on a custom jig. It is inspected carefully and re-aligned to factory specification, then shot-blasted and galvanised.

This thorough and proven evolution of the stripped frame is a crucial part of the build, creating a firm foundation for our craftsmen to build upon.


Next, the Mechanical Team assembles all the drivetrain components. Firstly, the extensively rebuilt axles are coupled to the frame, then a brand new suspension system, all steering components, complete fuel system, brakes, bulkhead, A, B and C pillars, side seals and rear body tub are all fitted. The completely refurbished transmission, transfer box and engine are then reunited with the frame.




Our company has earned its enviable reputation using two choices of power-plant: the 300Tdi turbo diesel and the 5 cylinder turbo diesel TD5.


On top of the 300TDI / TD5 we offer 3 engine upgrade options:


  • A brand new 300TDI / TD5 engine, 113HP

  • A brand new GM Corvette LS3 6.2L V8 engine with a 6 speed automatic transmission with an output of 450 HP. Including upgraded drivetrain parts such as limited slip diffs and transfer case, upgraded brakes and suspension, heavy duty shafts.

  • Our brand new High Performance Full Electric Platform




The Tales of Land Rover ‘leave no stone unturned’ attitude to refurbishment could not be more evident than when it comes to the vehicle’s five-speed, manual, ‘stick’ transmissions and transfer boxes.


Nothing is retained except the outer casings and housings. We fit brand new British-made gearbox internals and uprated clutch hardware. Still, our gearbox team is forensic when it comes to the strip down, looking for any tell-tale signs that might point to weakness elsewhere along the powertrain.


We are also pleased to offer Automatic Transmission ranging from an original 4-speed to a high-tech, 6-speed variant, depending on your engine specification




The iconic Defender silhouette begins to emerge as next we assemble your truck’s brand new bodywork. We assemble new body panels, meticulously aligning them to deliver a better than factory finish.


Even brand new panels are not good enough. These are sanded back to bare metal, then meticulously prepared, primed, baked and inspected before the whole process is repeated for each and every coat. We have greatly improved upon the Defender’s original corrosion protection and water ingress from bumper to bumper. Only after careful inspection will it move onto the final stages of the paint process.




Historically, paint finish was Land Rover’s weak point.

By now, it should be apparent that we not only address these flaws but our solutions go beyond comparison.


We prepare and paint each panel separately; roof, doors, fenders, hood and side panels are all treated individually, ensuring that when the vehicle is reassembled it has perfect alignment.


Our team of experts coat your vehicle with two or three coats of primer and one coat of etch primer before your chosen color is applied.


We can offer you an array of paint colors and finishes. From classic Coniston Green to striking Portofino Red. Virtually any color you desire can be created and paired with a variety of effects including; mica, metallic and Raptor finishes.




Your vehicle is assembled in a methodical order allowing for numerous quality control checks and to minimize damage along the way.


To guarantee reliability and safety, our electrical engineers go through every part of the car and provide new wiring where needed.


The interior refit begins with tailored sound-proofing and carpeting or teak flooring throughout.


Now the personality of your Defender begins to reveal itself. Freshly painted panels are reassembled with brand new rubber seals. New windows, tires and wheels are then fitted to your Defender.


The interior panels, roof lining, instrument gauges, door hardware and dashboard all follow




Throughout the entire process, we will document and photograph your build with regular updates sent through to you.


Once completed, your Tales Defender is taken on location for a professional photoshoot.


The high-resolution images are made available for you to keep; the perfect way for you to share your build with family and friends before meeting your Defender in person.


A frame artwork of your build along a leather bound book showcasing all the stages of the build




Our testing procedure has been refined to a 500KM programme split into five sessions; each designed to be tough enough to ensure that the finished Defender is bug-free and perfectly adjusted.


Once it has passed vigorous water testing, gained roadworthy certification and the quality control team are 100% satisfied, the truck will receive its final valet including extensive underside protection.




You will be shown every aspect of your Tales Defender by one of our handover specialists via video, or in person at our Sydney facility. This ensures that you are able to make the most of your investment and maximize the potential of your newly acquired automotive icon.


We are extremely proud of our ongoing relationships with Tales owners. You will be assigned a representative to deal with future questions and to assist with any enquiries about maintenance or upgrades.


Then its yours to cherish and enjoy with the reassurance of our comprehensive warranty and a lifetime commitment to you and your Defender.


Delivery is included to anywhere within Australia.

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